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Calibration Service
monitors, tv-screens, projectors
ICG CALibration - it's department of the ICG
(Independent Colourists Guild).
The ICG includes the best professionals colorists from around the world.

Our department was formed in the middle of 2018 and has already successfully established itself in the professional market for the calibration and profiling of monitors, tv-screens and projectors.
ICG CALibration
Our Services
Specialists from ICG CALibration are always ready to provide you with a full range of services for the calibration and profiling of your monitors, tv-screens, projectors.
Profiling and Calibration any monitors, tv-screens, with technology :

Color Spaces
sRGB, Rec709, AdobeRGB, BT.1886, DCI P3, BT.2020, BT.2100

We making professional
profiling in SDR and HDR.

We making 3D-LUT for any
colorcorrection systems:
Nucoda, Baselight, Mistika, Lustre, DaVinci Resolve etc.

And also for devices:
BoxIO, ISFuji, Lumagen,
MadVR, EEColor Box

Remote Calibration
The service is free and suitable for those who are going to buy a new display.
Payment is made at calibration and profiling rates, with no additional charges.
You order a display in Moscow
with delivery to our office.
Contact us for advice on choosing.
Our experts check, carry out a comprehensive setting, profiling and calibration of your display. According to the results issued a conclusion.
The display, completely ready for work, is sent to your address by the transport company
Hardware and Software
We making calibration and profiling on hi-level with help:
BasICColor Discus
Klein K-10A
X-Rite Hubble
X-Rite i1Pro 2
Konica-Minolta CS
JETI 1511
Murideo SIX-G

CalMan Studio 2019
LightSpace XPT
LiVal Cal

Our Price
Our company always has something to please our customers. And prices are no exception.
Base Calibration
Advanced Calibration
Work Time
25 minuts
50 minuts
2,5-3 hours
Report Preview
Gamma Correction
Setting White Point
Color Balance
Mapping Chroma and Saturation
Color Spaces Options
Report of Calibration
Create 3D LUT
Leading color grading studios and professional equipment manufacturers
entrusted their screens to us.
ICG CALibration is an authorised partner.
profiling and calibration for the following companies:
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On our page you can follow the reports.
about the work done
find out the latest news and ask questions.

Our specialists
companies are passing
ISF & THX certification.

Service subscription
for 6-9-12 months will allow
get a discount of up to 30%.
Loyalty program
which will provide
You benefit up to 25%.
Let your screen show the truth!
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