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We use the most advanced technologies, equipment and software.
We provide a certificate of conformity to every calibrated screen.
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necessary to identify
screen problems

  • Display assessment
  • Preliminary report
  • Consulting
  • Time - 25 minuts
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Basic Calibration
for non color correction
related applications
$ 115 / € 100
  • Gamma correction
  • Setup white point
  • Full calibration report
  • Consulting
  • Time - 50 minuts
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Advanced Calibration
for color correction applications where accuracy is critical
$ 185 / € 160
  • Gamma correction
  • Setup white point
  • Color Balancing
  • Saturation Mapping
  • Color Space Option
  • Create 3D LUT
  • Full calibration report
  • Consulting
  • Time - 2,5 hours
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You can trust us with anything regarding
calibration and profiling
Worldwide Calibration
In the near future, the ICG CALibration service
will come to the following cities:

We are authorized partners of many leading companies
for calibration and profiling.
+7 916 301 27 27
Moscow, Volgogradskiy prospekt 17
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Moscow, Volgogradskiy prospekt 17
We work with every monitor that can be used for color correction.

Size: from 7" fileld screens to 43" studio monitors
Matrix: We work with VA, TN, IPS, OLED, AMOLED matrixes.

Manufacturer: FSI, EIZO, Asus, Dell, Canon, Apple, LG, AOC, Samsung, Benq, SmallHD, Liliput and many others.

Contact us and you will see what your screen is capable of.
We calibrate projectors for either home and theatre use.

If you are a small or medium DI studio, or you have a home cinema with a projector, or perhaps you have a large theatre with 1000 seats, if your projector is Barco or Christie, we are always ready to come and set up your equipment for the most accurate requirements.

We'll make sure that your projector will show the maximum of its capabilities.
Technology advances rapidly nowadays and as of now we can use TVs for color grading.

Today most of the leading manufacturers of household TVs such as Panasonic, Sony, LG, Samsung are introducing professional color management capabilities into their devices.

Some models even support 3D LUTs.

And there are TV models that are installed as client screens in the world's largest studios such as MPC, Technicolor, СО3, The Mill that produce video and film content for the media market.

Our company calibrates and profiles TVs to your needs.

We can ensure the maximum accuracy of your TV, within its capabilities.

A unique service for acquiring a high-quality screen and setting it up in our office.

How does this service work?

You order a display in Moscow
with delivery to our office.
Contact us for advice on choosing.

Our experts check, carry out a comprehensive setup, profiling and calibration of your display. According to the results, a conclusion on professional suitability is issued.

The completely ready for work display is sent to your by the delivery company
(SDEK, Business Lines).

Many colorists have already taken advantage of our service and were completely satisfied!

We work with almost all technologies used in the film-video-television industry.

Screen technologies that we work with:
OLED, Plasma, CRT, LCD, Halographic, AR, VR

Our experts will help you set up and calibrate screens and projectors using various technologies.
Our experts carry out any work and services related to calibration and profiling in compliance with international standards and clearly follow those.

The standard color spaces we work with are:
sRGB, Rec709, AdobeRGB, DCI P3, Rec.2020, Rec.2100

We will help you deal with various types of gamma:
Gamma 1.8 - 2.6, BT.1886, PQ

Our team is a professional in the field of profiling in SDR and HDR.

Working with us, you get a calibrated screen that meets the necessary standards for film and television production.
When calibrating and profiling we use only advanced equipment and the latest software versions.
Together with the professionalism of our employees this allows us to work with maximum accuracy.


Klein K-10A
JETI 1511
Konica-Minolta CS
BasICColor Discus
Murideo SIX-G

CalMan Studio 2019
LightSpace XPT
LiVal Cal

Hardware and software is there to help us do our job as accurately as possible

The basis of professional calibration is the experience and professionalism of our experts.
Our experts are always ready to provide you with the most competent advice, when choosing equipment, when setting it up, and during subsequent operation.

The basis of the consultation is a personal approach to studying the existing needs and problems of the user..

We strive for the most effective return, in which our customers will have a maximum understanding of the methods, as well as the possibilities for setting up, calibrating and profiling their screens.

You can consult with us by phone, email, instant messengers and of course with a personal visit.

And, last but not least, our constulting is free!

Calibration and Profiling
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